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Repairing all brands of refrigerators in North Vancouver means we’re to the beat of everything from a German freezer to a Japanese fridge, and no matter if it’s Samsung, Bosch or Kenmore, our tools are in our belts and ready to be picked up by hands with experience. We specialize in everything from Hotpoint freezer repair services to LG fridge repair services and more. As an appliance repair company in North Vancouver that stays young at heart, we tackle all services fellow locals entrust us with just to enjoy what we love doing most. Get your fridge repaired now for a low cost you’ll love! (604) 706-1843

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Is your refrigeration system leaking water? If your fridge is not cold your local appliance mechanic is a phone call away with the right tools in hand to fix it. It could be today! Let’s get your ice box fixed so you can enjoy the benefits that North Vancouver offers. 

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refrigerator repair north vancouverIf your freezer isn’t freezing food like it’s supposed to, what are you waiting for? Often it’s much more affordable to get it repaired by a professional company than it is to buy a new one, and we have a 1 year warranty! With that said you probably won’t need to use our 1 year warranty on fridge and freezer repairs because we strive to do the best job we can. So whether you need LG fridge repair, Panasonic fridge repair or any other brand, we’re here to give your broken appliance the support it deserves, replacing any malfunctioning parts efficiently with he best tools. Let’s get started today. Call A.R.N.V. for speedy results! We have some of the most qualified refrigeration technicians in Metro Vancouver on our team, which means they’re on your team to. Together, we can see that no one here needs to suffer through owning broken refrigerators for long.