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Our company–Appliance Repair North Vancouver–specializes in all brand major home appliance services, repairing everything from ovens and stoves to fridges and freezers. We’re a mobile company, which means we arrive to your domestic doorstep with all the right tools for the job for a no-obligation cost estimate. The major appliances we specialize in repairing include Bosch dishwashers, Samsung refrigerators, Panasonic washers, dryers and more. So if your LG fridge is leaking water on the kitchen floor or your Kenmore oven isn’t cooking right, we strive to have the problem solved in the same day for a low cost. Let’s get started!

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Appliance Repair North Vancouver Makes Fixing Fridges, Ovens & Dishwashers Easy!

We all know how it feels to have a home appliance break down when we need it most. A broken fridge can mean the greatest difference. That’s why we strive to provide the best appliance repair North Vancouver can provide, to make the greatest difference we can. Ask about how we can arrive on the same day, fast!

Working with all brands, occasionally doing the odd commercial range and industrial dishwasher repair, not to mention gas appliance repairs, our hardy but small crew of refrigeration technicians and electrician/plumbers work hard to see that all that can be possibly done to make a home service enjoyable, affordable and the highest quality for everyone involved is completed most efficiently.

We’re proud to be the an appliance repair company in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada fellow locals can trust for an on time, reliable, certified set of services that works to your schedule, including right now!

Get Yourself the Quality Appliance Repair North Vancouver Trusts for Affordability and Reliability!

Whether it’s a Bosch dish washing machine in your home kitchen or a Panasonic clothes washing machine in your household basement, our team of true professionals are here to assist, ready with all the appliance replacement parts you could need to get cooking and doing laundry again in the most efficient manner possible.

Freezer & Fridge Repair North Vancouver Services

Whether it's a Hotpoint freezer repair or a Maytag refrigerator repair, rest assured local experts are just a phone call away to reach your door to fix it up.

Stove & Oven Repair North Vancouver Services

Get cooking and broiling again! Whether your stove or oven is electric or gas, we can arrive ASAP or at a scheduled time that works best for you to repair it!

Washer & Dryer Repair North Vancouver Services

Laundry machines are supposed to make home life easier. An appliance repair company like us does the same by repairing your washers and dryers.

Get back to enjoying Home Comfort!

We specialize in Major Home Appliance Services.
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Why Choose Us?

Our service company in North Vancouver, BC, CA works hard to maintain a reliable, consistent appliance repair service with the highest quality and the most affordable prices for everyone to enjoy in their home.

How We Operate

We arrive to your door, as one of the most dedicated North Vancouver appliance repair companies, with all the right tools and knowledge to fix your oven, dishwasher, fridge, etc, no matter the brand, seven days per week. Feel free to ask questions over the phone today!

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When you’re ready for an appliance repair cost estimate, call our locally owned business at (604) 706-1843 or click here to use our email contact form. We’re excited to get in touch and get started. it all starts with putting trust in the local experts!

Working with all brands of major home appliances means that no matter if you need LG appliance repair, Samsung appliance repair, etc, we have the expertise and the will to get you enjoying home comfort again in no time. That said, we also share the best best gas appliance repair services North Vancouver can boast about! See exactly what we’re talking about and get in touch. We’re always happy to help. And did you know it’s nearly always much, much cheaper and sustainable to repair your domestic appliances rather then replace them? It makes sense, eh. We enjoy saving North Vancouver families thousands of dollars every year by applying our skills to where they matter most. Check out a detailed list of all our services here!

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All This Sound Too Good To Be True?
WHy DO We Care About Seeing Your Home Kitchen Appliances Working?

It doesn’t take years of working with appliances to appreciate how a working freezer can keep a turkey fresh until Thanksgiving or a working clothes washing machine can make you look spiffy in time for that job interview. Appreciating how major appliances like ovens, gas ranges and dishwashers benefit the home is something most people don’t think about, but we guess working with them for a living makes us appreciate them a little more than the average person. After all, we’re people just like a you, a group of professionals united under a North Vancouver company, having worked for many different companies around Canada in the past, and even we need fridges to keep our milk cold and dryers to get the wrinkles out of our suites in a hurry. That’s why we care about seeing that our fellow locals have their kitchen cooking equipment and other major electronics working orderly and optimally, and it isn’t too good to be true! Have other questions? Get in contact with the our North Vancouver appliance repair experts!